Yoga +


I get it.

Yoga isn't your thing. It is too slow. It isn't a workout. If you have 60 minutes, you certainly don't want to spend it "stretching and breathing."

So since we have the excuses out of the way, I want to challenge you to show up.


If these are your reasons for not experiencing yoga (they were mine), then this wellness modality IS exactly for you.  Come ready to surrender to a new experience that is not only a "workout, it is a work-in."


All yoga classes will include pranayama (yogic breathing), asana (yoga poses), and guided meditation.

Both body and mind will be stretched in an experience that is unique to you.

How to Sign-up

-Online registration is available to secure your seat in class.

-Walk-ins welcome, although participates will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Yoga Class Punches are available to purchase.  5 classes for $50 or $12 at the door.  


Once you have a Yoga Punch Card on file, you will be given a coupon code that allows you to register for 5 classes at $0.