Thank you for coming to Nourish U Well and taking the time to learn about what it is I do!  
I am grateful for you!  
I am going to tell you a bit about myself.  One is my "glossy" bio.  It's the one where I get to brag about all the delightful "accomplishments" in my life.  The other is, well...me, the whole me.  The "un-glossy" me!  The one I truly appreciate and have a deep connection with...    


I have never known a time where nutrition and wellness have not been at the forefront of my mind.  Short of a small stint of wanting to be a police officer at the age of 9...I was resolute in my desire to assist others in achieving both physical and emotional wellness. 


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science.  I am a certified Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Board Certified through American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  I am also certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have attained my Yoga Teacher Certification through Devanadi School of Yoga.


I have 20 years of experience coaching individuals through their journey of improving their body, mind and spirit.


I was a Division I & II volleyball athlete while in college at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Northern Michigan University and continue to push myself to be an "athlete."


My husband and I own and operate our own volleyball club, Kokoro Volleyball, which is located in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota.


Pretty thrilling stuff, huh?

See un-glossy...


I am familiar with a less than ideal relationship with food.  I have journeyed through understanding food is not something you fear and that air-popped popcorn, alone cannot sustain you.  I have not always nourished my body the way it longed and battled to truly understand that you can live to eat AND eat to live!


I am a wife to my wonderful 2nd husband who has brought un-measureable blessings to my life.


I am a mom to 3 equally beautiful children who amaze me with their intuition, intelligence and empathy every day, yet they test me.  They challenge my way of thinking and defy my ability to keep crumbs off the floor.


I am a mom to 5 (yes, 5) - four legged friends, who expose my desire for order and cleanliness, but when quiet and calm, bring a peace to our house that I would never want to replace.


I am a cancer survivor.  Not even my divorce could compare to the rush of fear, shock and pain the words, "you have cancer" brought to our life, but that unknowingly sent me into a journey of self-exploration that I would never undue.  

I am on a journey...much like you. To seek what nourishes me and every day I learn from the ones I love.  I am blessed beyond possible measure and I am grateful for my "un-glossy" life!