Spring Reset

With the days slower and objectives of what needs to be accomplished smaller, I want to take a moment to encourage each of you to draw attention towards how you are nourishing your body through primary and secondary foods.



Primary foods: all the things that surround your life - friends, hobbies, stress, work, school, joy, spirituality - those items that fill your cup. These items can be positive or negative, nourishing or depleting. Just because you have something in your cup, doesn't always mean it is filled with items that best serve you.


Secondary foods: the foods we actually eat.



Like two wheels on a bike, both are critical to the ability to utilize your bike versus having it sit in the garage unusable.


With that, I will be offering a 15-Day Spring Reset to any Kokoro family that is interested in digging into a bit of a whole foods, whole self-care experience.

Start Date:    Monday, March 30


End Date:     Monday, April 13-ish (you decide if you want to continue the transition phase longer)


How/Where:  The 15-Day Spring Reset will be delivered to you via email beginning Wednesday, March 25. This early delivery will allow you to read through the material and get aquatinted with your 15-Day journey. You will receive a program guide, reset recipes, suggested meals, shopping list, reset tracker, daily emails from me each morning of the 15-days. You will also have access to ask me questions via text and email. Remember, the 15-Day Reset will begin on Monday, March 30.


Your program consists of three phases

  • Pre-Cleansing Phase - 4 Days

  • Cleansing Phase -        7 Days

  • Transition Phase -        4+ Days


Pre-cleansing phase, you will begin to reduce caffeine, processed foods, and sugar gradually, in order to minimize cleansing symptoms. This pre-cleansing phase is also an ideal time to familiarize yourself with the program materials, shop for your food and self-care items and determine which habits you are certain you want to start incorporating. 


Cleansing phase, we will be eliminating the highest allergen foods and adding in wholesome, simple, closest to the source foods so your body can let go of what does not serve it and reset as we move into the freshness of spring.


Transition phase will allow us to slowly reintroduce foods back into our diet (one-by-one) as to determine what our body craves and thrives consuming. Perhaps you will decide not to add foods back in because you feel clearer and lighter without them. This phase is an opportunity to observe and learn.


You will emerge from this program not only feeling lighter and more energized, but armed with the knowledge of…

  • How to eat clean and choose foods that support your unique body

  • How to support cell regeneration and your liver’s natural detoxifying function

  • How to reduce stress—our biggest source of toxicity—on a daily basis

  • AND….seriously, so much more.


This 15-Day Spring Reset allows you to enjoy …

  • More energy

  • Better moods

  • Reduced bloating and gas

  • Better sleep

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved mental focus and clarity

  • Boosted immune system


Bottom line, we are focusing on eating whole foods, eliminating highly processed, highly allergenic foods, adding daily routines and mega self care. Nothing crazy, nothing extreme, not perfection. Just an opportunity to learn, engage with yourself on a deeper level and show yourself a little grace.